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“ The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails. ”

– John Maxwell






The early years

The group´s history dates back to 1991, when Mr. Carlos de Menezes Falcão founded Títulos Lusitanos – SGPS, S.A. a Portuguese company, for the purposes of raising capital and investing in the privatisation programme launched, at the time, by the Portuguese Government. Mr. José Verdelho joined him in 1993.  In the ‘90s, Títulos Lusitanos acquired several holdings in companies launched to the market under the Portuguese privatisation programme. One of its most important holdings was acquired during the privatisation of Banco Totta & Açores (at the time, one of the leading banks in the Portuguese banking sector and the second largest in the group of private banks in Portugal) where, in the years of 1994 and 1995, together with Banco Santander, Títulos Lusitanos held approximately 50% of the shares in the financial group´s banking and non-banking financial companies, corresponding to an investment equivalent to 1 (one) billion US dollars. Such holdings resulted in consolidated knowledge in banking and related financial activities and allowed the shareholders to further expand, acquire and develop projects in the areas of software and communication services for insurance and banking activities.

At the end of the ‘90s, the shareholders took the strategic decision to enter the Angolan market. Over the past two decades, Títulos Lusitanos and other local entities the shareholders have set up, have regularly provided legal advice and executive consultancy services to the Angolan Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Works, the National Bank of Angola, Sonangol (the Angolan national oil company) and other public and private entities. Such services include drafting legal diplomas, reviewing and designing the conditions for the establishment of the Angolan stock market, creating the legal framework for the activity of investment funds and special investment vehicles, and providing reviews for restructuring of the current state-owned banking sector and pension funds.

Growing the business

In 2006, the group starts to explore an emerging business opportunity – the integrated facilities management services of infrastructures and buildings.

The shareholders founded Atlantic Facilities Management – Prestação de Serviços em Edifícios Urbanos, S.A. (“AFM”), an Angolan company specializing in the supply of facilities’ management services that, in 2009, was awarded the contract for the integrated operations for Torres Atlântico development, a Class A high-rise building in Luanda seafront boulevard (“marginal”), Angola, having Sonangol, ExxonMobil and British Petroleum as the exclusive users. Since then, AFM has continuously been supplying a wide range of high-quality services to Clients acting in the oil and gas industry. Other companies acting in the oil and gas industry and Angolan Governmental authorities have also approached AFM and asked for proposals regarding the supply of integrated management services or for the development of new lines of service.

AFM International Limited was incorporated in Malta, in 2012 serving two main purposes of concentrate existing participations held by the shareholders, and develop a presence in multiple geographic markets, to facilitate the acquisition of further participations in existing or new companies.

AFM International´s activity is centered in Europe, Africa, and Middle East where the group companies are an experienced provider of integrated facilities management and financial services provider. The group companies have extensive experience and knowledge of having developed transversal and comprehensive skills at an international level.

In 2014, the AFM Group decided to extend its presence to the Middle East and diversify the range of activities where an intra-group company was set up in the UAE, in DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre). Rapidly, the business grew up and in 2016 Harbour Wealth Management became licensed for the provision of asset management services by DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority). Conveniently located in the DIFC, a modern strategic hub connecting the financial regions of the world, Harbour Wealth Management provides a wide range of financial services to clients all around the world.

Meet The Team

Carlos de Menezes Falcão

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Carlos de Menezes Falcão graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon in 1973, and developed its law practice amongst several international clients in the financial, insurance and oil sectors. Mr. Falcão is the chairman of the group. In 1991 founded Títulos Lusitanos to provide executive consulting services and develop investment projects under the Portuguese Government’s privatization program.

Particularly in Angola, Mr. Falcão has been leading the development of the Groups’ projects and in rendering executive management services to well established international entities, such as Exxon Mobile, BP Total, BAI and Sonangol.

Today, Mr. Carlos de Menezes Falcão also holds the positions of Chairman of the Board of Directors of several companies operating in Angola, which develop its activity in the areas of the operation and management of integrated infrastructures, logistics and engineering services to oil companies in Angola and other entities, as well as in the provision of executive advisory services.

José Francisco Figueira Verdelho

Founder and Director

Mr. José Francisco Figueira Verdelho graduated in Law from the University of Lisbon in 1989, and in 1990 obtained the diploma of Advanced European Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges. Mr. Verdelho began his professional life in consultancy and international taxation department at Ernst & Young, and served as member of the legal staff in the Portuguese government. He also lectured in the Lisbon University Faculty of Law and other Portuguese universities.

Since the mid 90’s, Mr. Verdelho holds senior management positions in Títulos Lusitanos, with particular involvement in the international activity of the group. Through the development of the Group’s projects and also providing executive management services to well established international entities such as Exxon Mobile, BP Total, BAI and Sonangol.

Today, Mr. José Francisco Figueira Verdelho is also a director of several companies operating in Angola, which develop its activity in the areas of the operation and management of integrated infrastructures, logistics and engineering services to oil companies in Angola and other entities, as well as in the provision of executive advisory services.

Andrew Steven Roy


Mr. Andrew Steven Roy graduated from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, in which he was a faculty member in 1983. During his career, he was an auditor in several accounting and audit companies until he founded Bennet Roy & Co, Isle of Man, an accountancy public practice that in 2005 became Baker Tilly Isle of Man. He was principal in Baker Tilly Isle of Man until retirement in 2018.

Currently, Mr. Andrew Steven Roy holds a board position in some of the group companies. With a background in audit and expertise in corporate governance, he has gained wide experience of the business world at a senior level.

Chris Quinn


Mr. Chris Quinn graduated from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in 2010. Mr. Chris Quinn has been working for Baker Tilly Isle of Man since 2005, qualifying first as an Accounting Technician in 2007 before going on to complete his Chartered Accountancy exams in 2010.

He has several years of experience in managing and now leading large group audits, and has been in his current role as Associate since 2018 meaning he is responsible for an ever increasing number of practice clients across different business facets – Audit, Assurance, Accountancy, Tax compliance and VAT.

Philip Cilia


Mr. Philip Cilia has a broad and solid education after having completed studies at the Malta Institute of Accountants, ACCA, Malta Institute of Management, Institute of Internal Auditors (Malta Chapter) and Malta Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators. He began his career in Audit but soon started holding positions involving management and finance controlling skills in a number of different sector companies. From 1994 to 2009 he was Country Manager of International Air Transport Association in Malta, where he developed valuable business skills and the knowledge of the global business world..

Alfred Triganza

Corporate Secretary

Mr. Alfred Triganza is the Founder, Managing Consultant and Director in Atriga Consult.

In 2007, Mr. Alfred Triganza was conferred with a Master‘s degree in Business Administration and prior to that he read for a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy at the University of Malta as well as for an Advanced Diploma in Marketing at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).

Mr. Alfred Triganza was until recently a Council Member of both the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce and of the Maltese Chapter of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).

His major areas of expertise are EU funding, project management, business start-ups, business turnarounds, business planning, marketing, foreign direct investment, international business development, event management, public procurement.

Leonor Farrajota

Advisor to the Board Of Directors

Leonor Farrajota graduated in Law at the Law School from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisbon, in 2010.

In 2011, she completed the LL.M. “Law in a European and Global Context” from Católica Global School of Law in Lisbon.

In 2011, she joined Títulos Lusitanos and since the incorporation of AFM International, she has been providing the company assistance in a wide range of areas, including legal advice, in particular relating to Corporate Governance and Foreign Investment. In addition, Leonor Farrajota provides for the coordination and communication between AFM International Limited, its subsidiaries and other entities of the group.

Marion Beck

Office Manager

Marion Beck is AFM International Limited office coordinator and assistant.
With a vast experience in secretarial positions both in the public and private sphere, Marion Beck is responsible for office organisation, managing the company’s phone and email contacts and general secretarial duties. In addition, she assists in the communication with the accounting team and the public authorities.

“ A key to achieving  success is to assemble a strong and stable management team”

– Vivek Wadhwa