Corporate Sustainability

The group social responsibility and sustainability ethical framework influences the group companies’ actions both at the strategic and operational levels, refocusing the concerns at a broader perspective that mixes the inner environment with an external sustainability conscience. We have an obligation to appropriately manage company performance with the required respect and in acting balance with the benefit of society and its ecosystems. Based on the proprietary social responsibility and sustainability ethical framework, AFM Group companies conducts internal and external assessments on regular basis.


Energy Efficiency

AFM Group emphasis on improving energy efficiency in infrastructures, implementing eco-friendly sourcing practices, and encouraging a sustainable organizational culture. The energy efficiency management is a comprehensive approach, that controls the status-quo and establishes objectives for climate neutral practices. Energy efficiency initiatives cover design and implementation of actions, definition and budgeting of measures, and incorporates a feedback loop striving for continuous improvement. These initiatives include assessment of third-party practices, green meetings, training and awareness, sustainable office systems, and target on reduction of carbon footprint.


AFM Group´s responsibility and environment sustainability are qualified as fundamental. The Board of Directors is highly inspired by the Group founding principles of respecting the environment and are directly involved in the definition of goals, immediate acknowledgment of any events and in subsequent reporting and disclosure of results. AFM International´s approach include elicitation of requirements used to enhance environmental performance, focusing on continuous management and monitorization of environmental performance.