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Títulos Lusitanos  

In 1991 Mr. Carlos de Menezes Falcão founded Títulos Lusitanos – SGPS, S.A. for the purposes of raising capital and investing in the privatization program launched, at the time, by the Portuguese Government. Títulos Lusitanos has since its inception operated as a holding and consultancy company, providing support and project finance for its new investment projects. In the ‘90s, Títulos Lusitanos acquired several holdings in companies launched to the market under the Portuguese privatization program. Such holdings resulted in consolidated knowledge in banking and related financial activities and allowed the shareholders to further expand, acquire, and develop projects in the areas of software and communication services for insurance and banking activities.

Isle of Man

Atlantic Facilities Management Limited

Atlantic Facilities Management Ltd. (AFM Limited) is a limited liability company incorporated and functioning under the laws of Isle of Man. AFM Limited provides offices and residential integrated facilities management services to the respective clients as part of a consortium with group affiliates where AFM Limited is in charge with the provision of services that require a degree of expertise and skills not always available where the other group companies are providing services. AFM Limited provides all global services related to the sourcing, procurement, analysis, database control, purchase and management of resources critical to operations, including, but not limited to, supply and provision of spare parts, materials and equipment directly or through specialized third parties.

AFM Limited further renders the services related to engagement of specialized subcontractors and other resources which are deemed critical to operations and may only be obtained through international procurement or available at the domestic market at excessive prices.



Atlantic Facilities Management– Prestação de Serviços em Edifícios Urbanos, S.A.

Atlantic Facilities Management– Prestação de Serviços em Edifícios Urbanos, S.A. (AFM) provides integrated facilities management, offering a wide range of quality services to offices, residential and retail buildings in accordance with the industry international best practices. AFM was established in Angola in 2006 and it is currently working in 45 service lines, with 250 employees.

During the last decade, AFM acquired an extensive experience in the provision of integrated facilities management services, especially to oil & gas companies regarding office, residential and retail environments. At the end of last year, more than 500 third-parties, preferred subcontractors and business partners were involved in its business, among our preferential stakeholders. More than 50% of AFM business is in theoil & gas sector. The other 50% include banking & finance clients, Governmental and Institutional clients, retail and residential condominiums.

Today, AFM are leaders in the market and provide integrated services for operations and maintenance in Angola through the provision of a range of services that are recognized for its international quality. AFM applies the best practices currently available in the market, thus making a difference in the integrated market in Angola.

Asia – Middle East

United Arab Emirates

Harbour Wealth Management Limited

Harbour is conveniently located in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) as a prudential category 3A firm for the provision of asset management services. The Dubai International Financial Centre is a modern strategic hub connecting the financial regions of the world. Fully owned by AFM International, Harbour brings an exemplary level of service fit for private banking clients. With its global reach and personal touch, Harbour serves as a perfect offshore solution for your global account consolidation and custody needs.